Competition Rules

Understanding your responsibility

The Balmoral Beach Club Limited (‘Club’) ABN 79 000 016 633

Notice to Swimmers and Athletes (‘Notice’)

Participate at your own risk

  1. Your participation in Swimming, Beach and Athletic Events (each ‘an Event’), officially or unofficially conducted, sponsored or endorsed by the club is at your own risk. The Club takes no responsibility for your safety or health during any Event in which you participate.
  2. You must be a competent swimmer and/or athlete, in reasonable health and fitness in order to participate in any Event. Any person suffering from any medical conditions must consult his/her medical adviser and follow their advice about participating before participating in any Club Event. Any person under the influence of alcohol or affected by any other substance must not participate in any Club Event.
  3. No lifesaver, medical attendant, patrol boat, emergency assistance, first aid or other facilities is or maybe present or available to assist Participants in any such Events.
  4. Competitive open water swimming, beach and road running and road cycling can be a dangerous recreational activity. Each such activity has obvious risks and particular risks of harm, including but not limited to:
  • Drowning
  • Shark attack or injury from other dangerous marine life
  • You may be allergic to stingers, bluebottles etc.
  • Polluted or contaminated water can cause sickness/infection
  • Heavy seas and dangerous water conditions can cause injury/loss of life
  • Collision or physical contact with other swimmers, bouys or other objects can cause injury
  • You could suffer a heart attack, epileptic fit, collapse, severe cramp, etc.
  • Lightening might strike during an event
  • Submerged rocks or other hidden objects can cause injury
  • Bare feet can be injured whilst running on the sand, rocks or roads
  • Collision can occur with motor vehicles, pedestrians and other objects whilst running or cycling on roads and in public places
  • Where an event involves the use of a boat, this could involve additional risk of injury
  1. Whilst all Participants participate in events at their own risk, nevertheless every Participant should exercise care and courtesy to avoid accidents, collisions with or injury to other Participants.
  2. Events are intended to be good fun, promote wellbeing and fitness, and comradeship. Participants should enjoy themselves but not at the expense of other Participants.
  3. To participate in any Event, a Participant must be 18 years of age or more and have signed an adult waiver form. If a Participant is under the age of 18, the Participants parent or guardian together with the Participant, must sign a junior consent and waiver form for a minor, before participating in a Event.

Martin Quinn
Club Captain
November 2015