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SUMMER OF FUN – 2020-21

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In a year when everything has been turned on its head, when uncertainty is the new certainty and rules and regulations are rolled out in a manner that turn befuddlement into bewilderment, there is one thing that we can rely on to provide a beacon of hope as we enter 2021 – that is the 2020Summer of Fun – ‘Breakout’. This year 9 days of Xmas will bring hope, joy and glory to the participants after what has been a year best left in the trashcan of deleted time.

Commencing as always on Boxing Day and then rolling out over 9 consecutive days of intense competition both in the water and out of the water till Sunday, 3 January 2021.

In keeping with the SoF’s reputation as the leading innovator of Club activities and races there will be a few changes this year.

Registration and payment will be through TriBooking

  1. Numbers will be restricted so book early
  2. Due to the restricted numbers, unfortunately guests will not be able to join in the swim events. I am sure members will understand this is necessary this year.
  3. There will be a few extra rules around how we will run the events to ensure we are COVID compliant. These will be advised as we get close to kick off.
  4. Now the BIG ONE – races will start at 6:45. What we are seeing already is that the beach is filling up earlier and earlier. It is anticipated that because of the travel restrictions that have been in place Balmoral will be very busy over Xmas. To put the time in context I did consider a 7:00AM start, however as we still have events after the main race plus Charm 500’s and the Masters races, the extra 15 minutes is not a big impost. Whilst the start time may not get you too excited you will thank me when you are able to get a park within walking distance of the beach.

Now! Let us focus on the exciting part. As always the SoF will be all about the teams. This year it is anticipated there will be the final showdown between the dominant teams of the last decade, Buena Vista Social Club, Team Neoprene and The Black Pearls to see who will kick off the new decade with their name embellished on the Goblet of Fire. Or maybe the Mullets and Eels regain their mojo from the first decade of this century. For those new to the Club and are worried about which team they can join – there is already a team being built for you – the aptly named The Viruses. More on that later.

When you look at the crowded calendar you will see all your favorite events are there, including the Swuddle, the Boardshorts race, ‘the Skins’ and of course Grandparent/child relay.

As always the extracurricular activities are all slotted in to keep you engaged over the whole period. Golf, sailing, bowls, Breakfast at Peter Mac’s, Hiking with Den.

Our regular team of Santa’s helpers will be there to ensure that it all runs smoothly. Race Officials – Yvonne & Roger Fitzsimmons, Chief Steward – Gerry Elkan, Events Director – Chris Webb. Ben up in the dining room will have your coffee ready all days excluding Public Holidays.







Sat – Dec 26 6:45AM Summer of Pain Trophy – Round the Bay Big Loop/Little Loop (B/L) 1,150M
Sun – Dec 27 6:45AM Founders Cup – Around the Bay B/L 1,150M Skins 1
7:30AM Masters Race 220M
Mon – Dec 28 6:45AM Cord Cup – Club to Peggy’s Rocks & return 1,250M Skins 2
7:30AM Charm 500 500M
Tue – Dec 29 6:45AM Hunter Bay Classic – Club to Peggy’s Rocks & return 1250M Skins 3
7:30AM Swim/Paddle/Run
Wed – Dec 30 6:45AM Smugglers Keg – Club to Peggy’s Rocks & return 1250M Skins Quarter Final
7:30AM F10 100M
 Thu – Dec 31 6:45AM Balmoral Blue – Club to deadmans to Peggy’s Rocks & return to Club 1,500M Skins Semi Final
7:30AM Charm 500
Fri Jan 1 – 6:45AM New Year’s Gift – Round the Bay 1.5 loops 1050M
7:30AM 300M Board shorts Race
Sat – Jan 2 6:30AM Skins Final -1 loop around the bay Skins Final
6:45AM The Final Siren – Round the Bay B/L 1,150
7:30AM Teams Relay 4x100M
Sun – Jan 3 6:45AM Corona Express 1200M Special Event
7:30AM 2x200M Double Shot Brace
7:30AM Grandparent/parent/child Relay 2x120M
7:45AM Masters Vs Children 200M
 Sun – Jan 3 9:00AM Prize Giving Breakfast Major Awards Prize Giving







Bowls Sunday 27th 4:00PM Mosman Bowling Club Jenny Hole
Free – Public Holiday Monday 28th
Sailing Day Picnic Tuesday 29th 11:00AM Hunters Bay – Manly Jack Stening
Peter MacCormick Breakfast & Great Debate Wednesday 30th 8:30AM – 10:30AM Hopetoun Avenue Peter MacCormick
Manly Walk Wednesday 30th 10:30AM Spit – Manly Denise Elder
Wine Tasting Wednesday 30th 4:00-6:00PM BBC Upper Room Greg MacKay

Ross Boakes

Golf Day Thursday 31st 09:30AM Wakehurst Golf Club Mark Simkin
Bridge Lunch Cancelled John Mather

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