club contact information

Postal Address:
PO Box 82, Spit Junction, NSW, 2088
Street Address:
6 The Esplanade, Mosman
General Email:
email me

Contacts by Function

Security Service

Always Synergy

Contact for urgent safety and security matters.

Phone: 02 8002 8036


Ben Carden

Contact for Top Room functions and bookings.

Phone: 0412 213 823
email me

Club Facilities

Ian Phillipps

Contact for Non-urgent building and facilities matters.

Phone: 02 9969 8429
email me

Club Administration

Fiona Hibbett

Contact for Membership and general queries.

Phone: 0484 246 396
(The above number will be in use during a temporary outage of the Club's usual system)
email me

Use of Club

Liz Swinburn

Contact for Use of Club matters and merchandise.

email me

Club President

Duncan Adams

Hon. Secretary

Patrick Thompson