club contact information

Postal Address:
PO Box 82, Spit Junction, NSW, 2088
Street Address:
6 The Esplanade, Mosman
General Email:
email me

Contacts by Function

Security Service

Always Synergy

Contact for urgent safety and security matters.

Phone: 02 8002 8036


Ben Carden

Contact for Top Room functions and bookings.

Phone: 0412 213 823
email me

Club Facilities

Ian Phillipps

Contact for Non-urgent building and facilities matters.

Phone: 02 9969 8429
email me

Club Administration

Fiona Hibbett

Contact for Membership and general queries.

Phone: 02 9969 8429

email me

Use of Club

Liz Swinburn

Contact for Use of Club matters and merchandise.

email me

Club President

Duncan Adams

Hon. Secretary

Patrick Thompson